Solid Food Feeder, Puree Feeder, BLW

Tasty on Every Feed

Baby Led Weaning Voyage

Antibacterial Silicone

Bowl + Spoon + Cover in 1

Anti Leak and Flow Control

Most Tidy Approach to BLW

Anti-Bacterial Material

  • Made of antibacterial silicone BPA free, odorless material.
  • The spoon is soft yet rigid, ensuring it won't hurt the gums.
Grapebly Food Feeder

4 in 1 Feeder

  • Bowl and spoon combos simplify the solid food journey, providing convenience and cleanliness.
  • Anti dust cover ensures hygiene and convenient portability.
  • Suction based design prevents the food feeder from falling.
  • Ideal for outdoor use, easy to carry.

Anti-Choke and Leak-Proof

  • Cross-hole filter regulates food flow, preventing leaks.
  • 3mm hole design to prevent choking.
  • Screw tightened seal to prevent any leaks during feeding, ensuring a mess-free experience.

Nutritious BLW

  • Clear measurements on the food feeder ensure precise feeding.
  • 120ml capacity suitable for use up to 12 months and beyond.

No more using two hand

No more messy feeding

Lesser thing to carry outdoor