Anti Colic Air Vent, Reduce Flatulence, Avoid Nipple Confusion
Natural Latch Teat, Combine with Breastfeeding, Reduce Colic
Anti Colic Nipple, Round Hole Nipple, Similar To Mother Breast


Grapebly Silicone Anti Colic Teat Slow Flow - Cross Hole (2 pieces)

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Grapebly Silicone Anti Colic Teat Slow Flow - Cross Hole is suitable for baby from 0 month. Every pack has 2 pieces of same size teat inside.

For cross hole teat, the milk will only flow out of the teat when the baby is sucking. This is to train the mouth movement and to promotes oral development. 

Grapebly Teat Features:
✓ Off-Center Designed - Allows Upright Feeding Position
✓ Built in Anti-Colic Air Vent
✓ Reduce Colic, Gas, Discomfort of Baby
✓ Breast-like Texture And Shape
✓ Soft And High Flexibility Teat
✓ Combine Breastfeeding And Bottle Feeding
✓ Strengthen Teat Structure To Prevent Collapse During Latching

Product Details:
Silicone (BPA Free)
The Teat Is Available In 3 Sizes:
1. Slow Flow (For 0 month+)
2. Medium Flow (For 3 month+)
3. Fast Flow (For 6 month +)

When To Change To Bigger Size Teat:
Typical signs of baby,
- Taking longer to finish a feed
- Becoming impatient or irritated while feeding
- Falling asleep during feeding
- Sucking hard
Generally, the teat should be changed (same flow size) every 3 month to maintain a healthy and hygiene bottle feeding.

Grapebly Teat

Natural Latch

‣ The teat is soft and high flexibility that allows natural and smooth tongue movement during latching.

‣ The teat mimic the breast of the mother, parents could combine breastfeeding with Grapebly feeding bottle without worrying about nipple confusion.

‣ Smoother transition from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding.

Newborn Teat, Natural Teat Latching, Bottle Nipple, Bottle Teat

Upright Feeding Position

‣ Off-Center designed teat allows upright feeding position.

‣ Upright feeding could prevent the milk from flowing into ear thus reduce the causes of middle ear complications.

Anti Colic Teat, Newborn Bottle Nipple, Bottle Teat

Anti Colic Teat

‣ Build in Anti-Colic Air Vent

‣ The Anti-Colic Air Vent reduce the air entering the baby stomach through the milk.

‣ The milk will flows out smoothly and reduce gassy stomach.