Bottle Handle, Milk Bottle, PPSU Feeding Bottle
Bottle Handle, Milk Bottle, PPSU Feeding Bottle
Bottle Handle, Milk Bottle, PPSU Feeding Bottle


Grapebly Bottle Rubber Handle - For Grapebly Feeding Bottle

Sale priceRM15.90 MYR

Grapebly Bottle Rubber Handle is an add on accessories for Grapebly PPSU Feeding Bottle. The bottle rubber handle is suitable for 150ml and 240ml feeding bottle (*Sold Separately).

Prefect accessories to use to train your baby to hold the milk bottle by themselves.

Grapebly Bottle Rubber Handle Features:

✓ Designed For Baby's Little Small Hand.
✓ Non Slippery.
✓ Flexible And Lightweight.
✓ Soft Rubber Feel And Comfortable To Grip.
✓ Material: BPA Free TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer)
✓ Shape: Round Shape Handle
✓ Color: Beige

Installation Guide:
1. Install the bottle handle from the bottom of the feeding bottle.
2. Push up the handle until it reached the bottom of the feeding bottle collar.

Grapebly PPSU Feeding Bottle

Triangular Shape

‣ Ergonomically designed for parent and baby to hold comfortably.

‣ Quicker for the baby to learn on gripping the milk bottle.

‣ Larger air circulation space in the milk bottle to prevent gassy stomach.

Buckle Designed Baby Bottle, Fast Assemble Milk Bottle

Easy To Use And Clean

‣ No Screw Thread Designed. Just one twist to open and one press to close.

‣ 64mm wide bottle mouth for easier cleaning.

‣ Suitable For Boiling, Steam Or UV Sterilization

Anti Colic Teat, Prevent Gassy Stomach

Latest Feeding Teat

‣ Off-Center teat allows upright feeding position which reduce the causes of middle ear complications.

‣ With build in Anti-Colic Air Vent, the milk will flows out smoothly and reduce gassy stomach.

‣ Allows parent to combine breastfeeding with Grapebly feeding bottle without worrying about nipple confusion.